What Makes Us Different

Local Lawyers Working In A Global Economy

The world moves rapidly these days and the advent of the Internet and the shift toward e-commerce and a global marketplace has inspired businesses further than ever before. Technology has helped level the playing field enough that ingenious smaller businesses can compete on the same stage as multinational corporations.

Though AEON Law is located in Seattle, Washington, technology today has rendered geographic distance virtually meaningless. Consequently, while most of our business and corporate clients are based in Seattle and Washington State, we ably represent clients from across the United States and around the world, including Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Recognizing this satisfying paradigm shift as an opportunity, AEON Law strives to offer a fully modern law service. We use online resources to their full capabilities, use legal databases to stay abreast of the newest developments, and keep project communications flowing and fresh through email and file transfers. We also place a high priority on system reliability, network accessibility, client confidentiality, and staying creative, nimble, and cost effective.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Our intellectual property lawyers have the background and qualifications of attorneys in large law firms, but handle client matters without the attendant fees and overhead of those larger firms. This helps us stay quick, as a small firm like AEON Law doesn’t have to manage an internal organizational hierarchy before moving on behalf of a client. Instead, when clients contact us they deal directly with an experienced lawyer or a member of our professional staff, not a junior associate attorney or a summer law clerk. As a result, we provide clients with big firm ability, small firm efficiency and personal attention.

Personal Service Is Important

Many law firms tend to be conservative in both their manner and method of practice and often lack the flexibility and innovation that contemporary businesses, corporations, and partnerships require. Clients at other firms may be referred to by a file number, not a name, and business emergencies and opportunities sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

That is not the case with AEON Law.

Our lawyers appreciate that the practice of law involves more than a law degree, a leather briefcase and a business suit. We know that clients expect and deserve to be treated with courtesy, honesty and respect, so we stress personal service and efficiency every day. We return telephone calls promptly, listen to what our clients have to say, and provide them with timely, honest, practical and economical legal advice.

Want To Learn More? How Can We Assist You?

To learn more about how the high-tech intellectual property attorneys at AEON Law can assist you, please contact us today. To learn more about current legal and technology topics please see our news section. For immediate assistance, call us in Seattle at 206.217.2200 or e-mail our office at info@aeonlaw.com.