Protecting Your Patents around the Globe

by Adam Philipp on December 27, 2016


Protect your patents:

a single application

may be the best choice


If you have an invention that will be sold and used around the world, you should strongly consider protecting your patent rights all around the globe.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “one-stop shopping” when it comes to patent protection. You’ll have to file in each country, each with its own fees and procedures.

(Europe is in the slowwwwww process of creating a Europe-wide patent. After being discussed for more than 40 years, a unitary patent for Europe may finally be available in 2017… or not…)

The good news is that you can use the “International Patent Application.”

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E-Commerce Patent

Rejections Higher than Most.

Reasons Frivolous?

Fables for the frivolous

By Peter Newell – Michigan State University LibrariesImage pageFables for the Frivolous main pageMichigan State University Libraries home page, Public Domain,

The overall allowance rate for US patent applications generally is 55.8%, based on a 2013 report by the US Patent Office.

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Software and Business Method Patents Update

by Adam Philipp on November 25, 2008

You may have heard rumors that business method patents are dead, but their death is greatly exaggerated. Like all good rumors, however, there is an element of truth. A recent case, called “In re Bilski”, commonly called “Bilski”, does have an impact on business method and software patents.

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Provisional Patent Applications

by Adam Philipp on April 14, 2008

If you want to preserve the option to get patent protection for an invention (a new concept and the knowledge of how to implement it), a provisional patent application allows you to preserve your right to seek full patent protection in the future. While full (nonprovisional) patent applications may take months to prepare, provisional patent applications take only weeks or less. They are also cheaper.  Provisional patent applications expire after one year, but allow you to file for full patent protection without worrying about lack of patent protection in the meantime.

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Design Patents

by Adam Philipp on October 19, 2007

The New Black.

Despite the amount of artistic expression and innovative design involved, artists and industrial designers who produce stylized useful objects such as, furniture, containers, appliances, tools and clothing articles cannot protect their work through copyright registration. However, the products are protectable through the registration of a US design patent. A design patent protects the ornamental design of an article of manufacture that is new, original and non-obvious. Read the full article →