Donald Trump Wins Trademarks in China

by Adam Philipp on March 13, 2017

Trump’s Chinese Trademarks:

conflict of interest or

preventative step?

This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Vrlobo888 at the wikipedia project. This applies worldwide.

President Donald Trump’s intellectual property ownership has been in the news lately.

(We previously discussed how intellectual property law in the US might change under a Trump administration, and candidate Trump’s use of Neil Young songs.)

The New York Times reported that Trump won a preliminary appeal to register 38 new trademarks in China.

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Business methods

easier to patent in

China than US?

By Zeng Gongliang, Ding Du, and Yang Weide – Wujing Zongyao, from Science and Civilisation in China p. 496, โดเมนสาธารณะ,

Although it’s been more difficult to get software and business-method patents in the United States in the wake of court cases like the Supreme Court’s Alice decision, China is making it easier to get such patents.

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Beyond “China Copy”?

by Adam Philipp on February 6, 2013

China patents grow
Chinese do more than copy
More innovation

“Chinese copy” is a phrase that can be found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. The clip_image002definition: “an exact imitation or duplicate that includes defects as well as desired qualities.” For years, China had a reputation for slavishly copying the West. “Made in China” meant a cheap copy. China’s reputation has improved a little in recent years as leading manufacturers such as Apple have moved production there. But China is still known for making things, not for inventing things.

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