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Business methods

easier to patent in

China than US?

By Zeng Gongliang, Ding Du, and Yang Weide – Wujing Zongyao, from Science and Civilisation in China p. 496, โดเมนสาธารณะ,

Although it’s been more difficult to get software and business-method patents in the United States in the wake of court cases like the Supreme Court’s Alice decision, China is making it easier to get such patents.

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Get a Patent?

by Adam Philipp on April 4, 2016

D-I-Y patents
may help save on lawyer fees;
false economy


You don’t have to use a patent attorney to file a patent application. The US Patent and Trademark Office even has an “Inventors Assistance Center” that provides guidance to inventors on issues such as fees and what forms are required. Read the full article →

Patents’ Children Inherit Limitations

by Adam Philipp on May 18, 2012

Patent history
Flows to patent progeny,
Says Federal Court

In a slip opinion, the Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois has ruled that the prosecution history and estoppel from an earlier patent flowed to all the “children” of that patent.

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Patent Rush

by Adam Philipp on May 10, 2012

Rush to file patents;
America Invents Act
Makes startups hurry

As reported by the Washington Post, startups are among the companies likely to be the most dramatically affected when the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) takes effect in March, 2013.  Some predict a gold-rush style “stampede” to the patent office before the Act takes effect.

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