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Protecting Recipes

by Adam Philipp on May 18, 2016

Protect recipe

Not by using copyright;

Trade secret best choice

(image public domain) (image public domain)


Recipes are the intellectual property (IP) of the chefs who create them. Is there a way to protect this valuable IP?

There are ways to protect recipes – but it’s not as easy as many chefs would like.
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Executive Offensive Against Trolls

by Adam Philipp on June 24, 2013

Silicon Valley
Likes patent troll offensive;
Will Congress back it?

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)According to a blog in the Washington Post, Silicon Valley is unanimously enthusiastic about President Obama’s recently announced executive offensive against patent trolls.

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Pager Patent Dies In Patent Wars

by Adam Philipp on January 17, 2013

Court invalidates
A Motorola patent
How does it matter

Google (and its Motorola Mobility subsidiary) have been engaged in a long-standielite_blackng “patent war” with Apple over smartphone technology. A UK judge has recently invalidated one of Motorola’s patents that could have been “ammunition” in the patent fight. Will this make a difference?

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FTC And Google Settle

by Adam Philipp on January 4, 2013

Google FTC
Reach anti-trust agreement
About SEPs

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has long been concerned about the competitive impact of patent litigation related sales injunctions based on standard essential clip_image002patents (SEPs). It is recently reached a settlement with Google in which the search and mobile giant will agree not to use its patents to “stifle competition.” Not only will Google not seek sales injunctions for SEPs, certain SEPs will be available to anyone who wants to use them free of charge.

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Patents’ Children Inherit Limitations

by Adam Philipp on May 18, 2012

Patent history
Flows to patent progeny,
Says Federal Court

In a slip opinion, the Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois has ruled that the prosecution history and estoppel from an earlier patent flowed to all the “children” of that patent.

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Patent Rush

Rush to file patents; America Invents Act Makes startups hurry As reported by the Washington Post, startups are among the companies likely to be the most dramatically affected when the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) takes effect in March, 2013.  Some predict a gold-rush style “stampede” to the patent office before the Act takes effect.

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What It Costs To Sue

IP law survey Finds patent litigation Costly for both sides A survey conducted by the American Intellectual Property Law Association has revealed the median litigation costs of patents infringement suits:

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Samsung’s Riposte

Samsung sues Apple On eve of settlement talks; Seeks ban on Mac sales One day after both companies’ executives were ordered by a federal court to discuss settling their year-long intellectual property dispute, Samsung has again sued Apple.  The world’s two biggest smartphone makers have been battling over IP on four continents since April of […]

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Microsoft Patent Flip

MS flips patents; AOL portfolio Now goes to FB As previously reported in this blog, Microsoft recently acquired a portfolio of 925 AOL patents (earlier reports said 800) for just over $1 billion.  Microsoft also acquired a license to several hundred additional patents that AOL kept, along with the ability to further sub-license those patent […]

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Facebook Strikes Back

In counter-attack, Facebook strikes back at Yahoo And buys more patents As previously reported in this blog, Yahoo sued Facebook last month for patent infringement.

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