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Using Creative Commons Images

by Adam Philipp on May 10, 2016

Creative Commons —
Many images for free;
Comply with all terms

Image: “Swain’s Lock” by Art Drauglis

Image: “Swain’s Lock” by Art Drauglis CC2.0

Website pages and social media with images get a lot more traction than pages and posts that are text only.

But where can you find the images you need?

There are three basic choices:

  1. Paid sources, such as Shutterstock
  2. Public domain images that are free for anyone to use
  3. Images with a Creative Commons license that are free, but have restrictions

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USPTO says some random dudes invented podcasting

by Adam Philipp on July 31, 2009

On July 28, 2009, the USPTO issued patent number 7,568,213, the so-called “podcasting patent.”

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