Software patents

Business methods

easier to patent in

China than US?

By Zeng Gongliang, Ding Du, and Yang Weide – Wujing Zongyao, from Science and Civilisation in China p. 496, โดเมนสาธารณะ,

Although it’s been more difficult to get software and business-method patents in the United States in the wake of court cases like the Supreme Court’s Alice decision, China is making it easier to get such patents.

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Protecting Your Patents around the Globe

by Adam Philipp on December 27, 2016


Protect your patents:

a single application

may be the best choice


If you have an invention that will be sold and used around the world, you should strongly consider protecting your patent rights all around the globe.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “one-stop shopping” when it comes to patent protection. You’ll have to file in each country, each with its own fees and procedures.

(Europe is in the slowwwwww process of creating a Europe-wide patent. After being discussed for more than 40 years, a unitary patent for Europe may finally be available in 2017… or not…)

The good news is that you can use the “International Patent Application.”

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USPTO Issues Latest Guidance on Software Patents

by Adam Philipp on November 7, 2016


tells patent examiners

latest on software

By Eugenio Hansen, OFS – Own work, CC0,

The US Patent Office is working hard to keep up with developments in the federal courts concerning software-related patents.

On November 2, Robert Bahr, the Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy, sent out a memo entitled "Recent Subject Matter Eligibility Decisions."

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Federal Circuit

Finds that lip sync software claims

aren’t really abstract

By © copyright Blender Foundation /, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Federal Circuit has ruled that the claims of software patents for synchronizing the lip movements of animated characters are not abstract.

The case of McRo, Inc. v. Bandai Namco Games America involved methods for 3-D animation.

The “neutral model” of an animated character’s face shows the neutral, resting facial expression. Other models of the face are called “morph targets.” Each one represents the face as it makes a certain sound.

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Patent System Improvable, But Not Broken

by Adam Philipp on December 3, 2012

David Kappos says
Patent system not broken
But can be improved

In a blog piece in October we came to the defense of software patents. Software patents have been much maligned in the media in recent months, blamed for everything from being a tax on consumer products to a brake on innovation. Our conclusion was:

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Software Patents – Under Attack Again

Patented software — The Times says it’s a bad thing But we think it’s good A recent piece in the New York Times, “The Patent, Used as a Sword” is a full-on attack on software patents. We disagree.  

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