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What do you get when a law firm and a software startup share an office?

Heck if I know, but I want to find out!! Axios Law and TalentSpring – two well known Seattle companies share some nice space in downtown Seattle and Seattle Lunch 2.0 is going to give you the usual peek under the covers… Need an IP lawyer?, looking to make use of Semantic Search for resumes?, or just need a drink? Come by the next Seattle Lunch 2.0 happy hour sponsored by Axios Law and TalentSpring. We will have the usual mix of Seattle’s greatest technologists and entrepreneurs and have put together some great networking and a wonderful speaker.

Ben Huh (yes, the CEO of the company that runs FAIL Blog, I Can Has
Cheezburger?, GraphJam and other Interweb time sinks), will swing by and give a talk about his view on the world, building a lean business, and how to make a business out of being a blogger.

Website: http://www.seattlelunch20.com

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