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Helping Entrepreneurs Throughout Asia Protect Their Intellectual Property

At AEON Law, our exceptional team of international patent attorneys works with clients throughout Asia and around the globe to protect the fruits of their labor and maximize the return on their significant investments of time, effort, and money.

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We live in a world connected by technology during a time of relentless advancement, ever-changing markets, and a complex web of evolving legal landscapes. Today’s innovators need international patent counsel with global capabilities and the vision to help them unleash their genius.   

Experience, Commitment, and Dedication to Help Achieve Your Goals

AEON Law provides it all, facilitating the efforts of inventors and creators worldwide through agility, creativity, and an encyclopedic understanding of the nuances of patent law in scores of different jurisdictions. Though our offices are in Seattle, Washington, technology and connectivity allow us to seamlessly serve our clients wherever they have interests. With an approach that emphasizes personal service, responsiveness, and efficiency, we work with innovators in Asia and the Pacific Rim, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Africa. 

Our comprehensive international patent representation includes: 

  • Patent Filings and Prosecution 
  • Patent Counseling and Strategy 
  • Patentability Searches and Opinions 
  • Non-infringement, and Invalidity Opinions 
  • Patent Dispute Resolution 
  • E-Commerce Patent Disputes 
  • Patent Licensing

If you are ready to take your invention to the next level, if your goals include reaping the rewards of your passion, innovation, and hard work, the international patent lawyers of AEON Law stand ready to help. We welcome the opportunity to explore how our counsel can help you unleash your genius. Contact us today.

Our goal is to help our clients discover the inherent genius of their work. Once identified, we turn those sparks of genius into tools for success. We make it our mission to protect the product of your vision and hard work through our sound counsel, global reach, and commitment to exceptional client service.

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