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A new year approaches: Is your IP portfolio ready?

In the spirit of Black Friday, AEON Law is offering a special designed to help our clients start 2023 knowing their most important ideas, brands, and creations are safeguarded.

For clients who book from November 25 through November 30, we will provide an IP Strategy Session for $250 – a 50 percent discount from our standard session price of $500.

This session is ideal for any organization who:

  • Plans to expand into a new geographic region
  • Plans a new product launch
  • Wants to rebrand
  • Needs to protect critical information during employee turnover
  • Plans a merger, acquisition, or divestiture
  • Worries about the competition
  • Needs to productively use any unallocated IP budget for 2022

During this consultation with one of our experienced IP lawyers, we will discuss your objectives for the new year, assess your vulnerabilities, and prioritize the next steps to protect your creations – and maximize the profit from them.

BOOK NOW and don’t forget to put “Black Friday” to get the discount.


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