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Protect Your IP


Protect Your IP


What is a utility patent? What is a design patent? How can they help your business?

If your company has developed innovative products and you want to protect how they work, a utility patent can protect you. If your company has created a new product and you want to protect its appearance, then design patents may be the right protection for you.

  1. Utility Patents protect new inventions. But not all utility patents are equally effective in enforcing a company’s rights. AEON Law works to secure the broadest possible utility patent protection. Protection that scares infringers.
  2. Design Patents protect the appearance of a product. They have gotten attention in recent years in the wake of a high-profile damages award in litigation between Apple and Samsung. With a relatively efficient registration process, design patents can give companies serious protection, especially for consumer goods, and are often a tool in a larger IP portfolio.
  3. Plant Patents protect newly discovered and distinct varieties of plants that can be asexually reproduced, such as types of apple and cherry trees, and other valuable crops, such as cannabis.

Either way, a well-written patent can keep knock-offs at bay and give you a powerful tool to pursue infringers in court.

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