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Hague System for Design Patents

Overseas design patents protect the creators of innovative products from copycats and infringers. Obtaining design patents in more than one country increases the value of your business and helps beat the competition.

The Hague System for design patents, of which the United States is a member, allows applicants to file a single international design patent application in one language for protection of up to 100 industrial designs (or design patents) in more than 90 countries. Applicants can file directly with the World Intellectual Property Organization or through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

AEON Law attorneys help clients plan where they should file design patents and whether to use the Hague System or separate country-by-country filings. We have a dedicated international IP coordinator and attorneys who are fluent in multiple languages and overseas filing procedures.

Our goal is to educate clients and strategize with them to create an intellectual property plan that provides the best possible design patent protection.

Protect your designs.

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