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Trademarks are the gregarious middle child of the intellectual property protection family. In this family, patents are the oldest sibling who assiduously follows the rules, and copyrights are the creative youngest child. Like that agreeable middle child, trademarks – which protect the names, phrases, and symbols that are shorthand for a brand – work hard to win people over. However, they are also where we see the most collisions for early-stage companies.

AEON Law works hard to ensure that our clients achieve their brand goals throughout the life cycle of a brand. We counsel clients to select brands that represent their unique stories and make sure the company is clear to use that mark and understands any risks. We have decades of experience in a variety of industries, from consumer products to highly technical mechanical devices and software. The brand message differs among all of these industries, and we help clients find just the right message for their audiences.

Once the brand is selected and cleared, we take our clients through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s registration process. We understand the USPTO’s ins and outs and facilitate the possible protection while avoiding potential pitfalls. We continue strategizing with clients as their brands grow and evolve long after the registration is issued.

AEON Law clients benefit from our predictable flat fee structure. In addition to flat fees, our forward-looking strategy to avoid challenges before an application is even filed and constant communication with clients throughout the process ensure that clients make the best decisions for their brands.

In the AEON Law family, the middle child is never overlooked.

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