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Origin Story

People often ask why we are named “AEON”. Is it because of ÆON FLUX the cool 1980s MTV animated series? No, but it is an excellent show. Instead, our origins go back a few thousand years to Plato’s Republic and his allegory of the cave.

In that story, a group of prisoners is chained in a cave and looking at the cave wall. Shadows are cast on the wall from the light of a fire. But because the prisoners can only see the shadows, they think the shadows are reality; black and white, with two dimensions. The prisoners are unaware that the figures and objects that are casting the shadows – which the prisoners can’t see – are the reality.

One day a prisoner escapes from the cave and sees the outside world with colors and shapes. At first, all he can see are the shadows they cast, but eventually, he realizes that the shapes themselves are more real than the shadows they cast. Plato says that we exist in our own cave of perception, and think that the objects we see are real. But Plato says that our everyday objects are merely shadows of their essential forms (Platonic Ideals). These Platonic Ideals exist in the eternal world of ideas “behind” the perceived world that is known as ÆON.

I’m looking for an IP attorney. What does Plato have to do with patents?

Our firm was created to use our decades of experience to help clients grow their businesses and enforce their rights in their inventions and brands. AEON Law attorneys have experience at boutique and large law firms, a number of us have managed our own firms, and we have led in-house legal teams building valuable intellectual property portfolios. In addition, our attorneys are artists and inventors who have seen the intellectual property protection process from the other side of the table.

Protecting a company’s intellectual property can be unpredictable and expensive. Whether we are litigating against an infringer or helping register your IP rights in the U.S. and around the world, we focus on our clients’ end goals. We help keep every process efficient and predictable for our clients with:

  • Project-based flat fees for most types of work;
  • Regular communication explaining the pros and cons of all options;
  • Our IP coordinator who centrally oversees all filing; and
  • Our global network of IP attorneys.

As our name indicates, AEON Law attorneys help our clients see the complete picture – outside the cave – and use our creativity and thoughtfulness to protect your ideas.

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