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When you think about copyrights, you might think of books, music, and art. But copyright law is much broader than that, protecting creative works that include software code and even some elements of fashion design.

Copyright law is complicated and often misunderstood, but registering copyrights is the sine qua non–legalese for “must have” – to enforce your copyrights in court. Creators who aren’t familiar with the process might end up with a copyright registration that isn’t worth much more than the paper it’s printed on.

AEON Law represents copyright owners, including software and technology companies, visual artists, musicians, and more. Before filing applications, we can help you audit potential copyright protection and strategize for the best protection for your intellectual property and budget. Once we’ve identified the best way to protect our clients’ creative work, we prepare and file an application with the U.S. Copyright Office to cover the key aspects of the work and provide a strong tool to stop infringers.

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