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Copyright Litigation

With the ease of copying in the digital world, many creators and their companies find unauthorized copies of their works all over the internet and beyond. Copyright law is rife with ambiguity, and the law on some crucial issues differs from region to region and even among district courts in the same circuit. Without experienced counsel, creators can have trouble navigating the labyrinthine world of copyright litigation.

AEON Law represents plaintiffs and defendants in copyright litigation over everything from music to software. We take a long and holistic view of cases to achieve our clients’ goals. But we also can get into the weeds on technicalities that can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Where possible, we achieve early resolutions to save clients’ time and money. We also use tools like take-down notices to stay on top of infringers.

AEON Law attorneys aren’t just experienced copyright litigators, we are also artists and creators, and some of us even own copyright registrations. We understand that your creative works are the lifeblood of your business, and we are here to protect them.

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