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High Technology

Patents for emerging technologies can be key to driving the value of a company. But the worth of a patent can vary greatly depending on factors like the breadth of the claimed technology and the company’s overall strategy.

At AEON Law, we understand what makes tech assets valuable and help our clients form strategies and secure protection that will benefit them in the long-term. We work with clients in technologies including computer science, electrical engineering, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs to build intellectual property portfolios that are attractive to investors and help protect and enforce a company’s rights.

Our services include:

Strategy and Consulting

  • Identifying protectable technologies
  • IP audits and consultation on monetizing assets

Patent Prosecution

  • Patent searches
  • Patentability opinions
  • U.S. and international patent applications

Transactions and Licensing

  • Patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark licenses
  • Due diligence in intellectual property transactions
  • Agreements for sharing of trade secrets
  • IP agreements for mergers and acquisitions
  • Distribution agreements
  • Strategically packaging large portfolios for best results in sales to investors

Protection and Enforcement

  • Analysis of patent claims to determine whether there is actionable infringement
  • Invalidity opinions and analysis
  • Formulating plans to prevent disclosure of trade secrets
  • Prosecution and defense of inter partes proceedings before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Litigation strategy for plaintiffs and defense
  • Marketplace monitoring for potential infringers
  • Sending and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements

Background in Technology, Specializing in Strategy

We are business-savvy tech geeks. AEON Law attorneys come from a variety of technology backgrounds. We have practical experience in the technologies we represent and understand how technology can solve problems.

In addition, we have worked in legal settings from startup general counsel to patent departments of established technology companies. Some of our attorneys are even inventors on patents. We are able to scope technology early in the process and determine what developments are lasting and worth spending effort and money to protect.

We Know Crypto

While some firms are struggling to get a handle on crypto, AEON Law attorneys have long been speaking, writing, and advising clients in the field. We know that a new platform might include hundreds of inventions, and we identify what is valuable and protectable and efficiently obtain broad patent coverage. Once we have helped our clients identify protectable inventions, we craft patent applications carefully to overcome likely challenges before the USPTO and foreign patent offices and ultimately provide broad enforcement capabilities.

With our experience working in house, including for publicly-traded companies, we understand not only the technological developments but also the potential regulatory challenges.

International Reach and Predictable Fees

We know our clients’ strategies often reach well outside the U.S. We have a dedicated coordinator of international intellectual property along with longstanding relationships with international attorneys for patent protection anywhere in the world where your company does business.

We provide this strategic analysis with an eye toward the bottom line. Our flat fee structure provides predictability that is so important in the often-volatile world of technology. With our creative and common sense approach, AEON Law is sought out and respected by everyone from new inventors to C-suite executives. From day one, our goal is to help our clients make smart business decisions.

Even with our success in securing IP protection for our high tech clients, some of our greatest victories are not high-profile transactions but are instances when our work keeps conflicts from escalating. When a potential infringer steps away because the strength of a client’s patent before it is necessary to elevate the client’s enforcement efforts, that is one of the greatest victories we could achieve.

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