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Life Sciences & Chemistry

Life sciences and chemical technologies encompass a large and growing sector of the economy. The innovations are often cross-disciplinary, combining special knowledge in the field as well as mechanical delivery systems for the product.

AEON Law’s chemical and life sciences group encompasses attorneys with backgrounds in sciences including biology and chemistry, and with the experience, ingenuity, and curiosity to identify and understand both the innovations and the physical mechanisms to implement them. 

Our services include:

Strategy and Consulting

  • Identifying protectable technologies
  • Advising clients on the best protection for their assets, such as patents and trade secrets
  • IP audits and consultation on monetizing assets

Patent Prosecution

  • Patent searches
  • Patentability opinions
  • U.S. and international patent applications

Transactions and Licensing

  • Patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark licenses
  • Due diligence in intellectual property transactions
  • Agreements for sharing of trade secrets
  • IP agreements for mergers and acquisitions
  • Distribution agreements

Protection and Enforcement

  • Analysis of patent claims to determine whether there is actionable infringement
  • Invalidity opinions and analysis
  • Formulating plans to prevent disclosure of trade secrets
  • Prosecution and defense of inter partes proceedings before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Litigation strategy for plaintiffs and defense
  • Marketplace monitoring for potential infringers
  • Sending and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements

Multi-disciplinary Backgrounds

Our attorneys have educational backgrounds and work experience in dual technologies, like electrical engineering and computer science along with biology. For example, we work with an innovator in deforestation technologies. We not only have helped the client to identify and protect the technology for seeding swaths of land, but also the drone delivery systems to bring the seeds to hard-to-reach areas. We also work with medical devices, which often combine physical mechanisms with the chemical and biological processes.

Agility and Predictability

It might sound a bit idealistic, but we enjoy being at the forefront of the mission to improve people’s lives.

We work with inventors and companies of all sizes. Our flat fee structure and agility and automation in our docketing and other systems allows companies with large patent portfolios to meet their budgets while maximizing their protection.

International Experience

Our team also includes attorneys with international and cross-cultural experience as well as a dedicated International IP Manager. We work closely with our extensive network of international attorneys, and we understand the patent registration systems in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and other jurisdictions around the world. Our life sciences and chemistry team includes attorneys who are not only fluent in languages such as Mandarin but also who have been educated in the U.S. and China and understand the challenges of building innovation globally.

Those challenges often include complex transactions for licensing technologies and sharing information. We are well-versed in transactions and contract review for NDAs, trade secret agreements, licenses, and more.

Let's work together.

Contact us to set up a meeting with a Life Sciences & Chemistry attorney on our team.

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