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Brand Development and Lifecycle Management

Now more than ever, creatives and brand managers are in an ongoing conversation with consumers.

Your brand is the foundation of the conversation. Consumers of all types of products and services are interacting with brands across borders and cultures. It is important for companies in fields from consumer products to computer software to thoughtfully develop and protect their brands.

And for writers, designers, and other creatives of all stripes, the conversation is the lifeblood of your work. You need to efficiently and effectively protect your expression.

A boutique law firm with a holistic approach, AEON Law works side-by-side with creators and brands from small entrepreneurs to multinational corporations on U.S. and international brand strategy; trademark and copyright registration and maintenance; due diligence and licensing; and, when necessary, enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

Our services include:

For Brands:

  • Brand selection
  • Trademark clearance and risk analysis
  • U.S. trademark registration
  • International trademark registration with our extensive network of attorneys worldwide

For Creators:

  • Copyright searches and risk analysis
  • Pre-publication review
  • U.S. copyright registration
  • International copyright registration with our extensive network of attorneys worldwide

Enforcement and Defense:

  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) oppositions and cancellations
  • Trademark, trade dress, false advertising, and copyright litigation
  • Litigation strategy for plaintiffs and defense
  • Marketplace monitoring for potential infringers
  • Sending and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedures (“UDRP”)
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements
  • Recording registration with U.S. Customs and enforcement against counterfeits


  • Audits of trademark and copyright assets
  • Due diligence review of brand assets
  • Trademark and copyright licensing agreements
  • Acquisition agreements

Strategy Throughout the Brand Lifecycle

We take a long view of brand protection and value ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the brand lifecycle. As a collaborative boutique law firm, we consistently communicate with clients and among ourselves to provide support across the lifecycle of the brand.

This relationship often starts before a client has selected a brand or if a client needs to rebrand. Our THREE CUBED brand selection process is a skull session in which we meet with you to strategize on brand selection and identify a protectable and registrable trademark that exemplifies your unique brand. Our goal through this session is for your company to walk out the door (or sign off the video conference) confident in the direction of your new brand.

Throughout the registration process, we keep you in the loop. Our flat fee structure and regular communication ensures that there are no surprising costs along the way.

The conversation with our clients does not end when we send the certificate of registration. We are on the lookout for changes in the marketplace and evolution of our clients’ brands. We value the ongoing conversation about how to best protect your brand as your company grows and changes.

Efficient and Effective Copyright Protection

Copyright registration is a simple and effective way to protect your work. Registration opens doors to protections like the ability to request take-down of infringing materials online and monetary damages in infringement. In fact, a copyright owner can’t even bring a lawsuit without a registration.

The registration process can be quite efficient but comes with challenges. We are well-versed in this process. We also keep abreast of developments intended to make it easier for creatives to protect their work like group registration for multiple works of a single type in one application filing and the new Copyright Small Claims Court that will provide a more affordable alternative to litigation.

International Registration

We combine internal expertise on the nuances of international registration with a robust network of global IP practitioners to protect our clients’ brands.

Not only does AEON Law work consistently and closely with trademark and copyright attorneys in Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and throughout the world, AEON attorneys also are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and conversant in languages including Spanish, Japanese, and Russian. Two AEON Law attorneys have dual legal education in China and the U.S.

When clients work with us to file applications outside the U.S., we aren’t just a conduit to a nameless international law firm. We actively participate in strategy to provide extensive coverage in key markets and avoid pitfalls. Certain words and images that might work in one country often have a completely different meaning in another. Our international collaborators help to put your company’s best foot forward and avoid potentially embarrassing brand snafus. With our experience and global network, we understand nuances of language, culture, and registration systems and provide a comprehensive global portfolio strategy.


We also understand the interplay between copyright and trademark registration and litigation and enforcement concerns. Our experienced litigation team can help identify the most effective solutions for potential infringement. This could be litigation, but it also could be other protections like working with Customs to identify and stop counterfeits or sending a take-down notice to a website where copies of your work are posted.

With all of our capabilities, AEON Law has the tools to help you make the most of your conversation with consumers.

Let's work together.

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