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Trade Secrets


Trade Secrets

To state the obvious, trade secrets must be secret. This area of law covers innovations and business information that their owners want to keep under wraps. Protecting trade secrets can be complicated. It wasn’t until a few years ago that trade secret protection was codified in federal law. Even now, federal law exists alongside a patchwork of state trade secret laws.

AEON Law attorneys speak tech and grasp the import of clients’ innovations. We understand the often-complicated state of trade secret law and how to protect clients’ trade secrets best. But our secret sauce is the way we combine our legal and technical expertise with entrepreneurial and strategic planning.

Unlike other areas of intellectual property protection, there’s no registration system for trade secrets. Instead, protecting trade secrets involves carefully guarding how, when, and with whom they can be shared. We review our clients’ trade secret documentation and counsel on how to strengthen protections. In addition, we have been working with smart contracting technologies since well before blockchain was a buzzword. When necessary, we help clients take precautions through mechanisms like smart contracting. We also help clients draft and enforce licensing agreements.

With the combination of innovation and legal gray areas, trade secret owners need a law firm that understands both technology and legal nuances. AEON Law is that firm.

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More Ways to Protect

More Ways to Protect

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