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Trademark Litigation


Trademark Litigation

Litigation can be notoriously slow. But when a competitor or even a counterfeiter is using your company’s brand, confusion and damage to your company’s image can be immediate and irreversible.

Brands need to work with agile trademark litigation counsel who understand not only trademark law but also brand goals and commercial realities.

AEON Law attorneys have decades of experience in federal trademark litigation and building brands. Our expertise and agility help clients in the early stages of litigation – when acting quickly to stop an infringer is crucial – all the way to trial.

We work with brands in industries from everyday consumer products to specialized industrial products and complex software. We use our understanding of each industry’s relevant consumers and marketplace to craft effective strategies. This includes everything from early cease-and-desist letters and filing injunctions to discovery strategy that efficiently identifies information that will be important for trial or resolution.

In appropriate circumstances, we can provide success-based fee arrangements that help clients control litigation costs.

For both the plaintiffs and defendants we represent, we seek early resolution through settlement and co-existence agreements to protect brands and avoid consumer confusion, even before a complaint is even filed. But we also have decades of experience telling our clients’ stories at trial. No matter what happens, we keep clients in the loop every step of the way.

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