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AEON Law works with DataMynt to accept crypto as a client payment method

This year, AEON Law implemented cryptocurrency as a form of client payment. 


It’s faster.

It’s cheaper.

It’s available worldwide.

And it aligns with AEON Law founder Adam Philipp, who was named a crypto “trailblazer” this year, recognized among the leading practitioners of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech law by the National Law Journal.

Before adding crypto payments, clients had these options, all of which have downsides, especially for our international customers:

  • ACH: Cheap and effective, but payment typically arrives the next day. It’s also only available for domestic clients.
  • E-Check: Cheap and effective, but only works with certain banks, and payments take 48 hours to process.
  • Wire Transfer: Great for international clients, but only if they can withstand wire fees up to $40, and payments don’t arrive until the next day.
  • Credit Card: Clients love it, but it’s also the most expensive option. 

Adding crypto to our methods of payment also made sense when AEON Law turned to DataMynt as our service provider.

DataMynt has introduced the “digital golden era of merchant payment servicing” with its stable cryptocurrency checkout and payment solution, allowing users to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos as payment without traditional crypto volatility. Their technology is unmatched, and we knew they were AEON Law’s best option for implementation. 

Michaela Meckes, AEON’s Operations Manager, was skeptical about implementing a new payment system. She’s busy and frankly didn’t think she’d have the time.

She was strongly mistaken.

“I worked with the DataMynt team to get our new payment portal implemented, and it took MINUTES of my time,” she said. “Any questions or concerns I had were quickly addressed, and they had the portal up and running the next day. I sent the link over to our website developer, and we were on our way. It really was that easy!”

To pay your AEON Law invoice using crypto, go to

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