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Global IP protection to support global health care

Our client Global Health Laboratories (“GH Labs”) is a nonprofit that addresses unmet healthcare needs with new technologies. Years before cold vaccine storage and transport became national news with the COVID-19 vaccine, GH Labs developed its patented Arktek vaccine storage to solve the problem of stable storage and transportation of life-saving vaccines. GH Labs’ inventions also include imaging technologies, medicinal storage, and rapid testing for infectious diseases.

The Challenge: Global IP Strategy for the Greater Good

GH Labs has a large and varied range of products and works with licensees and other partners worldwide. As it continued to expand its reach both geographically and in solutions to complicated healthcare issues, GH Labs needed a comprehensive global strategy for intellectual property protection and partnerships.

The Solution: Tech and Business Expertise

AEON Law has the knowledge and capacity to help GH Labs pursue its goal of international healthcare parity. Our attorneys have the experience in life science, electrical, and mechanical technologies that GH Labs needs to understand and protect its array of inventions. We also work alongside our clients to obtain favorable licenses and other agreements.

AEON Law’s understanding of international patent protection, our firm’s dedicated International IP Manager, and our network of top-notch IP counsel around the world work closely with our client’s business and technology leaders to obtain, enforce, and defend their valuable IP assets regionally, nationally, and globally For clients like GH Labs for which comprehensive and holistic intellectual property strategy is particularly important, we are able to work closely with intellectual property offices and local counsel around the world to maximize IP value across borders.

With GH Labs’ widespread reach, continuing opportunities for innovation, and numerous patent applications and registrations, the company needs ongoing strategic advice. We accommodate our client’s needs, such as by meeting regularly and designing IP management tools to give our client greater visibility.

The Outcome: Comprehensive  Strategy to Deliver Crucial Healthcare

Today, GH Labs holds more than 300 patents and counting around the world. Its healthcare solutions have helped thousands of people combat diseases and obtain preventative care. With AEON Law’s help, the organization has continued to expand its reach.

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