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Growing company protects evolving brand presence

Our client Bramble Berry started a DIY soap-making business 20 years ago. From humble beginnings as a solo entrepreneur, the company now has 90 employees as well as customers around the world. As with many businesses in the crafting and beauty industries, the company has an established blog, video tutorials, and very active social media. The client provides tools ranging from calculators to help customers find the right mix of ingredients for homemade beauty products to small business advice.

The Challenge: Protection as the brand expands

A company that starts small and experiences steady growth often encounters challenges that come with that growth. One of the main challenges is protecting the brand. With a multifaceted brand presence and international sales, our client needed advice and strategy on how to best protect itself from trademark infringement and make sure it could operate without significant trademark issues in the countries where it was expanding.

The Solution: Predictable fees, international network, and strategic planning

With our experience with entrepreneurs and consumer-facing brands, AEON Law provided our client with strategic advice on trademark protection. We charge clients flat fees for trademark registration rather than the hourly rates that most law firms charge. 

In addition, we have a dedicated International IP Manager who knows the procedures for key jurisdictions around the world and works with our established network of IP attorneys. As a result of our expertise and our network, we are able to provide strategy and predictability in the U.S. and around the world.

With our close teamwork with the client and international counsel, we developed a plan for where to file trademark applications and what products and services to cover. Our trademark clearance research revealed a potential issue for a filing outside the U.S. and we worked with the client and local counsel to overcome this challenge.

The Outcome: Brand strength and ongoing teamwork

The client now owns a portfolio of trademark registrations in the U.S. and other countries that covers its brands and the various facets of its business. We established an excellent rapport with the client through the process and continue to provide trademark strategy as the brand continues to grow and evolve.h the process and continue to provide trademark strategy as the brand continues to grow and evolve.

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