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International patent protection sparks VC investment

Our client Mast Reforestation is the world-leader in remote forestry solutions. Its inventions help deliver seeds to hard-to-reach deforested areas by the use of drones to help landowners recover after forest fires. The potential problems encountered in the field range from coordination of fleets of drones where collisions could mean explosion in an area already devastated by forest fires, to the physical challenge of getting seeds from the sky into the ground.

The Challenge: International patent protection for innovations in multiple fields

Mast Reforestation needed a law firm with broad and deep expertise for patent strategy and protection around the world in both the physical mechanisms of the drones and seed and the software for their intricate operations. The client not only required attorneys with the right technical expertise, but also with a sophisticated worldwide network that could secure an international portfolio of patent registrations.

The Solution: Technical expertise combined with a global reach

AEON Law, with its experience in software and mechanical engineering, was the perfect fit. Not only do we have technical know-how and patent experience, our forward-looking, business-savvy approach helped the client obtain a suite of patents that was attractive to investors. Our dedicated international IP coordinator and network of international patent attorneys ensured that the client obtained hassle-free protection in numerous jurisdictions.

The Outcome: Patent protection helps grow the business

With patent registrations for its seed vessels, drone configurations, and other technologies, Mast Reforestation has raised more than $35 million from investors. This in turn allowed our client to acquire a century-old forestry seed supplier. With AEON Law’s help, the seeds have been planted for international growth of technologies for conservation.

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