Leveraging blockchain experience for efficient patent applications

Our client, Dragonchain, develops new blockchain technologies that are unique in their security as well as interoperability among multiple platforms. In this field, a new product typically encompasses dozens or even hundreds of inventions. Early innovators in new technologies like this are able to secure a substantial share of the valuable patent rights in the field.

The Challenge: Identifying patentable and marketable innovations

Our client needed to efficiently parse out its technologies, determine what was patentable and worth registering, and move quickly to get patent protection broad enough to deter potential infringers.

The Solution: Deep understanding of blockchain combined with strategic approach

AEON Law’s attorneys have decades of experience in blockchain. In addition, we have worked in computer engineering and as in-house attorneys for software and technology companies. We understand blockchain with a depth and breadth that sets us apart from most firms. We are able to sort out the inventions that are truly novel, can be monetized, and should be protected.

Using our blockchain experience and strategic mindset, we prepared and filed numerous patent applications for Dragonchain. Our approach was to draft applications carefully and with many protectable positions so that the registration process runs as smoothly as possible and the resulting patent is robust.

The Outcome: Quick registration and a strong market position

With AEON Law’s thoughtful approach to patent strategy and application, Dragonchain’s patent applications flew through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Multiple patents went from filing to allowance in under 90 days.

For a company on the cutting edge of technologies that provide data security to customers, prioritizing the most important innovations and securing broad patent protection quickly gave Dragonchain a strong position in the market.

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