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Multifaceted IP protection for entrepreneurial business

Our client BooginHead creates a variety of products for parents of babies and young children, such as pacifier clips, teethers, and bibs.

The Challenge: Finding the best IP protection

After an early and very successful product, this entrepreneurial company needed to protect its innovations and growing product line. But how?

The Solution: Combination of design patents, utility patents, and other registrations

AEON Law established a program of protections including utility patents, design patents, trademarks, and copyrights. As a boutique law firm, our attorneys with various expertise collaborate for holistic protection that best serves our clients’ objectives.

For startups with innovative product designs, registration of design patents can be an important tool to ward off potential infringers. Design patents, which protect the look of a product, are less common than utility patents, which protect the use. But for the right product, design patents are not only a good fit for the innovation, but also give owners a strong basis for an award of monetary damages against an infringer. Design patents also are often more cost effective than utility patents, an important consideration for entrepreneurs.

The Outcome: Platform for a thriving business

AEON Law takes design patents just as seriously as utility patents or other intellectual property protection. We secured design patents for Booginhead along with other IP protection. Together, BooginHead’s IP portfolio has been instrumental in enforcing its rights and building its thriving business.

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