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Multinational IP strategy for multicultural books

Our client Duck Duck Books was founded by a parent who was born in China and raised in the United States. When her own child was born, she had trouble locating multilingual books for young children. So she did what many parents would do: She created a solution. That solution turned into a business. Today, our client sells multilingual books in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and English, with stories that represent diverse cultures.

The Challenge: U.S. and international trademark and copyright registration

With our client’s multinational heritage, it is natural that the company needed to register trademarks in the U.S. and elsewhere throughout the world. As a startup seeking investors, it was especially important to secure registrations in key countries.

The Solution: Seamless execution of broad filing program

AEON Law has a dedicated International IP Manager who knows procedures for important jurisdictions around the world and works with our established network of IP attorneys. Lining up documents like powers of attorney is crucial to expediting the filing process, which often must be completed on a limited timeline. Our attorneys also are fluent or conversant in several languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese, allowing us to communicate seamlessly with our associates around the world.

AEON Law helped this client to plan its U.S. and international filing strategy for trademark and copyright registration. When a trademark application was refused in a country where our IP Manager frequently coordinates with our international network, we were able to understand the nuances of the refusal, pinpoint the issue, and ultimately overcome the refusal and secure registration.

The Outcome: Credibility with collaborators and investors

As a startup, our client is constantly building relationships with authors, distributors, influencers, investors, and more. The portfolio of trademark and copyright protection we helped the client secure is an important asset to establish credibility with investors and potential collaborators and help the client protect its brand as it grows.

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