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Patent portfolio helps startup attract investors

This is a story about fresh fruit and even fresher patents. Produce and flowers are more valuable when they’re fresh, but keeping them fresh during transportation is a major challenge. Our client RipeLocker invented a vacuum storage system that is both effective and practical to make on a commercial scale. RipeLocker’s containers are portable and stackable, helping everyone in the supply chain from growers and shippers to retailers and consumers reduce waste and save money.

The Challenge: Securing patent protection to grow the business

RipeLocker was co-founded by an entrepreneur and an engineer from the aircraft and computer industries. As a startup, our client knew that its success depended upon the ability to protect its inventions and attract investors to commercialize its products. 

The Solution: Business expertise combined with mechanical know-how

Fortunately, at AEON Law, we are also entrepreneurs and engineers. We understood not only our client’s inventions, but also its business goals. With our combined experience in mechanical engineering technologies and business strategy, we helped our client register patents for its containers and storage systems. 

The Outcome: Drawing investors and taking the product to market

With its innovative container systems solving the problem of commercially-scalable produce storage, as well as a broad patent strategy, our client achieved the client’s goal of drawing investors. Our client has now attracted $5 million from investors and counting and commercially launched its products.

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