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Strategic patent registration around the world

Our client, Vita Inclinata, provides load stabilization systems for helicopters and cranes.

The Challenge: Identifying marketable technology for efficient patent filing

The company’s proprietary software gives operators more control so they can place and hold loads more precisely and safely. With operations throughout the world and plans for expansion, the company needed patent registrations to cover it in the U.S. and internationally.

The Solution: Strategic planning, predictable costs, and an international network

Costs of filing and maintaining an international patent portfolio can be prohibitive. AEON Law offers technical expertise that few law firms can, and we also are familiar with the language of inventors, CEOs, and general counsel. 

Through our conversations with stakeholders on both technical and commercial aspects of the company’s innovations, we identified the technologies that could and should be patented, at an early stage. 

AEON Law also has a dedicated International IP Manager who understands the procedural requirements and works with our international network of attorneys to expedite filing outside of the U.S. With these resources, we were able to provide our client with realistic and predictable estimates for patent applications in key countries. 

The Outcome: Formidable patent portfolio and expanded operations

With our help, our client received a significant number of issued patents around the world with broad claims to the patented inventions. Its impressive portfolio has been a significant component of the client’s marketing strategy and pitch to investors. With the range of issued patents in the U.S. and internationally, the client has now expanded its operations into the Middle East and attracted high-ranking retired military personnel to its leadership.

image of helicopter and life raft vita inclinata
Photo courtesy of Vita Inclinata

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