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COVID-19 is Disrupting Lives and Businesses Worldwide

COVID-19 is disrupting lives and businesses worldwide. At AEON Law, we’re doing our best both to stay healthy and to maintain our performance for you. To keep everyone safe, we have implemented our remote work systems to allow all of our team members to work from home. As a high-tech firm, we are already using the latest in cloud collaboration and secure client data management tools. We are supporting one another with morning and afternoon “stand-up” meetings, and we are even hiring a game designer to help us conduct team activities remotely! These are some of the ways we will stay nimble and connected and keep providing high-quality IP assistance to our clients and colleagues.

We recognize we are in a fortunate position in our ability to work from our homes and collaborate effectively through technology. We know many of our fellow humans are not as fortunate to be able to keep working while maintaining a social distance, and we are all on the lookout for ways we can help. As we find opportunities, we will encourage our colleagues to continue to lend a hand as they are able: reaching out to friends who may be alone during this time, donating blood, participating in studies, offering financial assistance to those in need. If you care to share, we would love to hear your stories and ideas for staying well and maintaining a healthy work-life balance during this difficult time. Meanwhile, we wish you all a blessing of health and prosperity.

Yours truly,
The AEON Law team

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