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National Inventors Hall of Fame 2015 Inductees Announced

And Inventors Hall of Fame
Announce Honorees

The National Inventors Hall of Fame, in conjunction with the US Patent Office, recently announced the names of inventors to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. The 2015 inductees are:

George Alcorn – A physicist and engineer noted for inventions in the aerospace and semiconductor fields; inventor of the imaging x-ray spectrometer

John Burke – Co-Inventor of artificial skin

Mary-Dell Chilton – Inventor of the first transgenic plant

Edith Clarke – Inventor of a graphical calculator that simplified the calculations necessary to determine the electrical characteristics of long electrical transmission lines

Marion Donovan – Inventor of a breathable waterproof diaper cover

Charles Drew – A doctor known for his work in blood plasma preservation as well as the inventor of a surgical needle

Jaap Haartsen – An electrical engineer who laid the foundations for Bluetooth wireless technology

Thomas Jennings – The first African-American to be granted a patent, he invented a process for dry scouring in 1821

Kristina M. Johnson – A pioneer in optoelectronic processing systems, 3D imaging, and color management systems

Paul B. MacCready – An aeronautical engineer who invented the Gossamer Condor, the first human-powered aircraft

Shuji Nakamura – The inventor of the blue LED and the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physics

Stanford R. Ovshinsky – A self-taught inventor who invented the nickel-metal hybrid (NiMH) battery

Gary D. Sharp – A co-inventor with Kristina M. Johnson in the field of display technologies

Ioannis Yannas – With John Burke, a co-inventor of artificial skin

Detailed biographies of the honorees can be found here.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame is located on the USPTO campus in Alexandria, Virginia. It was established in 1973. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, candidates must hold a US patent and have contributed significantly to the country’s welfare and the advancement of science and useful arts. A three-day event celebrating this year’s inductees will be held at the USPTO, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American history on May 11th thru the 13th.

For more information about the Hall of Fame and these events, click here.

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