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Protecting Your Most Important Asset- Your IP

Patent, office says:
Diversity in inventors-
Economy gains

Registration is now open for a free online symposium on “Protecting Your Most Important Asset- Your IP” on September 22 as part of the Virtual Women’s Global Trade Empowerment Forum hosted by the Department of Commerce. USPTO Texas Regional Outreach Office Megan Hoyt is scheduled to lead the symposium. The goal of this event is to support economic development of small to medium sized women-owned businesses.

The USPTO has recently been active in supporting a diversity of inventors, including historically underrepresented groups such as women and minorities. Current USPTO Director Andrei Iancu has spoken widely on the opportunity to increase American economic growth through an increase in the diversity of people involved in the innovation system. On September 14 the USPTO hosted the inaugural meeting of the National Council for Expanding American Innovation (NCEAI), a group working to expand American innovation. The NCEAI includes representatives from multiple industries, universities and scientific organizations as well as the USPTO, the Department of Commerce and the US Small Business Administration. Although the NCEAI is new, it has already made resources available on its website to support innovators.

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