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Infringement/Non-infringement Opinions

Sometimes, the first time a company will learn of a competitor’s patent will be when it receives a cease-and-desist letter from the patent owner alleging infringement. Other times, a competitor’s technology will be known to a company as it develops its own innovations.

Either way, an opinion on whether a product or service infringes a particular patent will help shape strategies on whether to go ahead with a project or how to defend litigation. Understanding whether a competitor’s product infringes on your patent is also a crucial step before enforcing your company’s patent rights.

AEON Law attorneys use our practical and educational backgrounds in software, mechanical engineering, and other technologies to give our clients thorough opinions on patent infringement and non-infringement. We also help clients use opinions to guide the following steps, whether it is designing around a third-party patent or going ahead with litigation.

Like patent validity opinions, infringement/non-infringement opinions are important documents in litigation and can sometimes be part of the information discovered by the other side. This requires opinion counsel to educate clients about not only the substance of the opinion but also the way in which it could be used. AEON Law attorneys see and clearly explain the big picture, including litigation.

Infringement/non-infringement opinions and validity opinions, along with freedom-to-operation and patentability opinions, are part of our overall goal to provide our clients with the best value and most significant impact for their innovations.

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