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Jonathan Olson
Patent Attorney


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Jonathan Olson
Patent Attorney


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Jonathan Olson’s clients probably would not be surprised to know he’s a strategy gaming enthusiast. That’s because Jonathan always thinks several steps ahead of the game—and of infringers. With this mindset, he helps clients secure patents that are comprehensive and useful for enforcement.

Strategic Advice for Protection and Enforcement

According to Jonathan, a patent registration is not only a “sacred deal with the public” to advance technology and disclose ideas, but also an advocacy document to enforce the owner’s rights. He drafts patent applications that hold up in court and are powerful tools against infringers.

Jonathan works with clients in diverse fields to scope out their technologies and strategize on patent protection. As an inventor himself, Jonathan knows deeply the meaning of an invention and has helped clients close gaps in their inventions. His years of experience advocating for his client’s positions before the USPTO and in licensing negotiation qualifies him as a patent drafting and prosecution expert. 

Jonathan also helps clients capitalize upon their innovations through due diligence, trade secret counseling, licensing and development agreements, and other practical advice.

Electrical Engineer Appreciates Changing Technologies

Jonathan’s creative and exacting approach to patent counseling is a natural extension of his previous career as an electrical engineer. This background has given him a nuanced understanding of the constantly-changing software field. He understands what developments are likely to last, and he crafts patent applications with terms that will hold up over time.

As IP counsel for Seagate Technology, Jonathan founded a legal department to assist a major new engineering facility Seagate opened in Colorado. In this capacity, he applied his strategic approach to advances in technology to help inventors on an institutional level walk through the patent process.

Protecting Innovations That Make a Difference

Jonathan takes the same care in crafting design patents as he does utility patents, recognizing that design patents can be an important tool for consumer product entrepreneurs. For example, he worked with Booginhead, which provides baby products like pacifier holders and teething bibs, to obtain valuable design patents.

Jonathan works with a variety of clients from software clients to DroneSeed, a Seattle-based company that helps combat deforestation with innovative drones and seed capsules. 

As a survivor of leukemia, the medical devices industry is especially meaningful to him. Through his battle with cancer, Jonathan gained a unique appreciation of the way technology can make a real difference in people’s lives, and he brings this level of care to all of his clients.

At the end of the process, Jonathan’s goal is to help each client secure patent registrations that are “terrifying” to infringers.

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