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Philip Mann
Of Counsel


headshot of philip mann
Philip Mann
Of Counsel


Intellectual Property Litigation

Trial Lawyer

Washington State

Illinois State

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AEON Law litigator Phil Mann recalls a jury trial a few years ago when one of the jurors approached him in the hallway and commented, “You’ve got a wonderful way of getting to the point.”

Goal-oriented Litigation

Getting to the point is the foundation of Phil’s practice. As a litigator with nearly 40 years of experience, Phil helps clients define and achieve their business goals in each case. One of the first questions he asks every client is, “Why are we doing this?” 

Phil notes that there is no such thing as a perfect case. Instead, he takes the reality of each case and gives clients straightforward advice to reach the optimal outcome.

Predictable Fee Structure

One of the ways Phil helps clients achieve their goals in litigation is with contingent fees. While alternative fee agreements have been embraced in intellectual property over the past few years, Phil has been using contingent fees for decades. With this approach, Phil gets to the heart of the case to focus on the steps needed to reach the client’s best outcome. 

Phil’s philosophy on fees is consistent with AEON Law’s overall philosophy of providing clients predictable fees not only in litigation but also in intellectual property prosecution so they can make educated business decisions.

Resolution Outside the Courtroom

Phil enjoys using his advocacy skills to tell his clients’ stories at bench and jury trials, but he tries to avoid trial if possible. He has extensive experience in mediation and also helps clients resolve matters before they even reach litigation. For example, he resolved a recent case for an accused infringer early in the process with minor changes to the allegedly infringing product.

Patent Prosecution with the Whole Picture in Mind

In addition, as an electrical engineer, Phil has split his time over the course of his career between litigation and patent prosecution. With his technical background and practical experience registering patents before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Phil takes a practical approach to his clients’ patent litigation positions. Prosecution and litigation experience go hand-in-hand to give clients holistic IP advice.

In other words, Phil gets to the point.

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