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Yan (Regina) Song
IP Attorney


headshot of yan regina song
Yan (Regina) Song
IP Attorney


General IP

Washington State Bar

U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington



Don’t Lose Your Licensable IP, NDAs, and Zero Knowledge Proofs (The Licensing Journal, Volume 39, Number 2, pages 11-16)

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack: Limitations of Searching Foreign Trademark on TESS (The Journal of Patent and Trademark Office Society, Volume 101, Issue 1, pages 53-71)

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Yan (Regina) Song uses her international education and understanding of differences among jurisdictions to help clients protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in the U.S. and abroad.

Regina assists clients in fields from software to nonprofits with U.S. and international trademark and copyright prosecution as well as adversarial proceedings.

In addition to providing prosecution and litigation services for trademark and copyright clients, Regina also manages cooperation with AEON’s global partner firms to give clients the best possible experience and results for patent and other IP protection outside the U.S.

Seamless Process Through Strong International Network 

Whether for patent, trademark, or copyright, Regina enjoys using her knowledge of procedures in various jurisdictions to proactively assist clients with national and international filing strategy. 

Regina studied IP in China – at the nation’s top law school — and the United States and has published law articles in both countries involving blockchain, U.S. trademark search systems, and U.S. copyright infringement.

Overcoming Branding Pitfalls in China

Regina’s fluency in Mandarin also benefits U.S. clients who offer their brands to consumers in China. With her understanding of the Chinese language and culture, Regina is able to advise clients on translations and phonetic equivalents of their trademarks. This is an important consideration for clients to protect against not only infringement but also public relations pitfalls inherent in branding across languages and cultures.

Prosecution Complements Litigation Experience

Regina also advocates for clients in adversarial matters in federal courts and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Her prosecution and litigation experience go hand-in-hand as the combination allows her to provide clients with a well-rounded view of potential risks and costs.

Pro Bono Participation

At the 2022 GIX Innovation Competition, a competition to spur innovative and inclusive solutions to pressing global problems, Regina volunteered her time to mentor a finalist team that eventually won first place, helping them to navigate the IP-related issues and better express their ideas. 

Musician and Copyright Owner Understands Clients’ Needs

As a musician and composer, Regina owns three U.S. copyright registrations for her own songs. She not only advises her clients on IP protection but also follows her own advice. Being a copyright owner herself, Regina understands the difficulties and pains of the registration process and IP rights enforcement. By presenting reality and practicality, Regina helps her clients make sound decisions.

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